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Shenzhen Xinzhanhong Technology is a leading PCB manufacturer of PCB Manufacturing, PCB prototypes, and Printed Circuit Board Assembly in the electronic industry. Established in 2008 with one-stop services, we have been major in offering PCB Fabrication, PCB assembly, and components sourcing. Flexibility to efficiently handle, low-to-high volume or low-to-high mix product requirements for PCBA. Our customer satisfaction rate is around 99%, and we are proud in providing the best service around.

As a  trustworthy PCB manufacturer, we offer online pcb assembly services to meet the increased number of online customers. Online quotes are available on our websites, so you can calculate the price for the PCB board depending on different materials or layer counts. Simply filling in some information, the instant quote will be finished in a few seconds.


If you are looking for a qualified PCB manufacturer, XZH was your one of the best choices. You can choose our PCB products without hesitation. Besides we have a professional Engineer department, We can serve you the best and save the cost to make the biggest benefit for your business.  If there have any demands, feel free to contact us for an Inquiry.

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