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  • PCBA prototype services
    Our PCBA prototype services allow you to verify & upgrade design with quick-turn of 3~7 days and low cost. The circuit boards will go through same manufacturing process and quality control. Custom...
    2 years ago (2022-11-18) 565 ℃
  • Printed Circuit Board Testing (PCB Testing)
    XZH can provide PCB testing and inspection services that meet the requirements of many demanding industries. We complement this expertise with a comprehensive quality control process that ensures our...
    2 years ago (2022-11-18) 628 ℃
  • Quick Turn Prototyping
    XZH offer Quick Turn Prototyping services .When you’re developing a new design and need working prototypes in hand quickly, XZH quick-turn prototype process will get you there on time....
    2 years ago (2022-11-17) 601 ℃
  • Parts Procurement
    XZH Technology employs the latest vendor and material management techniques to optimize the effectiveness of the Supply Chain and reduce the total cost of ownership....
    2 years ago (2022-11-17) 611 ℃
  • IC Programming
    Providing online/offline IC programming services, Support most of Chips in the market....
    2 years ago (2022-11-17) 529 ℃
  • PCB Clone (PCB Copy)
    Find a PCB Clone  (PCB Copy) company and Supplier. Choose Quality pcb clone company , Suppliers, Exporters at
    2 years ago (2022-11-17) 687 ℃
  • PCB Manufacturing(Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing)
    We have over 10 years of experience in providing advanced PCB manufacturing services using latest PCB technology and machinery. We strictly adhere to high-quality standards, RoHS compliant and ISO 900...
    2 years ago (2022-11-17) 727 ℃
  • SMT(Surface Mount Technology)
    SMT is "Surface Mount Technology" in English and "SMT technology" in Chinese, which is relative to the traditional THT (Through Hole Technology) "through-hole plug-in technolo...
    2 years ago (2022-11-16) 580 ℃
  • PCB Assembly (Printed Circuit Board Assembly)
    XINZHANHONG is China PCBA Manufacturing factory that  do bare led printed circuit board  and PCB assembly China on one-floor to provide quick turn ,easily quality control service to electron...
    2 years ago (2022-11-16) 1043 ℃