xzh pcba factory PCB Assembly (Printed Circuit Board Assembly)

Our strength certification

We have rich experience and many qualifications in PCB manufacturing and assembly

  • Quality management system certification
    Quality management system certification
  • Quality management system certification
    Quality management system certification
  • Medical device quality system certification
    Medical device quality system certification
  • Our international brand trademark
    Our international brand trademark

Our services

Our products and services cover a wide range of powerful functions and provide one-stop services for printed circuit boards. From the market to the specific requirements, from the interface layout to the specification documents to provide a complete solution.

  • PCBA prototype services
    Our PCBA prototype services allow you to verify & upgrade design with quick-turn of 3~7 days and low cost. The circuit boards will go through same manufacturing process and quality control. Custom...
  • Printed Circuit Board Testing (PCB Testing)
    XZH can provide PCB testing and inspection services that meet the requirements of many demanding industries. We complement this expertise with a comprehensive quality control process that ensures our...
  • Quick Turn Prototyping
    XZH offer Quick Turn Prototyping services .When you’re developing a new design and need working prototypes in hand quickly, XZH quick-turn prototype process will get you there on time....
  • Parts Procurement
    XZH Technology employs the latest vendor and material management techniques to optimize the effectiveness of the Supply Chain and reduce the total cost of ownership....
  • IC Programming
    Providing online/offline IC programming services, Support most of Chips in the market....
  • PCB Clone (PCB Copy)
    Find a PCB Clone  (PCB Copy) company and Supplier. Choose Quality pcb clone company , Suppliers, Exporters at xzhpcba.com....
  • PCB Manufacturing(Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing)
    We have over 10 years of experience in providing advanced PCB manufacturing services using latest PCB technology and machinery. We strictly adhere to high-quality standards, RoHS compliant and ISO 900...
  • SMT(Surface Mount Technology)
    SMT is "Surface Mount Technology" in English and "SMT technology" in Chinese, which is relative to the traditional THT (Through Hole Technology) "through-hole plug-in technolo...
  • PCB Assembly (Printed Circuit Board Assembly)
    XINZHANHONG is China PCBA Manufacturing factory that  do bare led printed circuit board  and PCB assembly China on one-floor to provide quick turn ,easily quality control service to electron...

About UsAboutUs

About Us
Shenzhen Xinzhanhong Technology is a leading PCB manufacturer of PCB manufacturing, PCB prototypes, and printed circuit board assembly in the electronic industry. Established in 2008 with one-stop services, we have been major in offering PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, and components sourcing. Flexib...more»


Our market capability

We provide PCB manufacturing and assembly services to customers in more than 80 countries and regions around the world.

Our Partners

To provide global customers with high-quality PCB manufacturing and assembly services.