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  • What electronic components are on the PCBA board
    The specific electronic components present on a PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) can vary widely depending on the intended functionality and complexity of the electronic device being manufactured...
    11 months ago (07-25) 166 ℃
  • The difference between PCBA and PCB
    PCB and PCBA are related terms in the field of electronics, but they refer to different things:1.PCB (Printed Circuit Board):...
    11 months ago (07-25) 158 ℃
  • What is smt assembly?
    what is smt assembly?Surface mounting technology (SMT) assembly is a way to produce electronic circuits by placing components directly onto the board’s surface....
    1 years ago (2023-03-16) 308 ℃
  • what is as9100 certification?
    What is AS9100 certification? It's where aerospace manufacturers start to separate. How thoroughly does yours keep up with quality system improvements?Electronics Manufacturing Certification: What...
    1 years ago (2023-03-16) 351 ℃
  • How can we test a pcb?7 pcb testing methods you need to know
    PCB assembly testing methods are an integral part of the manufacturing process. 7 types of pcb testing methods:1. in-circuit testing,2. flying probe testing,3. automated optical inspection (aoi),4. bu...
    1 years ago (2023-03-16) 270 ℃
  • How do you test a PCB with a multimeter?
    Multimeter and circuit boards are two things that go hand in hand. While the former is used for troubleshooting, circuit boards, on the other hand, are used in varied electrical equipment. One of the...
    1 years ago (2023-03-16) 305 ℃
  • Why PCB Testing Is Necessary?
    PCB testing and inspection cover a wide variety of printed circuit board testing methods that check if a PCB meets standards. Some of these PCB standards revolve around ensuring the PCB functions prop...
    1 years ago (2023-03-16) 271 ℃
  • What does PCBA mean?
    What Is PCBA? : Its Benefits and Difference with PCB...
    1 years ago (2023-02-10) 327 ℃