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SMT(Surface Mount Technology)

    XZH has a 10000 ㎡ SMT/PCBA factory, has selected advanced equipment in the industry, 36 new Siemens E series SMT production lines, is equipped with high-end quality inspection equipment such as SPI, AOI and X-ray, strictly follows standardized production, scientifically configures batch and sample production lines, optimizes production efficiency, and has a daily production capacity of more than 98 million points, meeting the customization needs of PCBA for different types of customers.
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SMT is "Surface Mount Technology" in English and "SMT technology" in Chinese, which is relative to the traditional THT (Through Hole Technology) "through-hole plug-in technology". The carrier for implementing SMT or THT is a circuit board. "Surface" refers to the bonding pad on the PCB surface that can be used to print solder paste, and "through-hole" refers to the plated through-hole PTH on the circuit board SMT patch is a more efficient and advanced electronic welding technology than THT plug-in.

SMT(Surface Mount Technology) Picture 1

  1. Advantages of XZH SMT.

    XZH's SMT chip processing plant is equipped with advanced equipment, such as the automatic solder paste printing machine of Denson, the high-speed and multi-function chip mounters of Samsung or Panasonic, and 50% of the employees have more than five years of SMT processing experience and precision detection instruments, such as the SPI (solder paste detector) of Stark, the first article detector (FAI), the quasi stable AOI and the X-ray of Shimadzu, Japan. The daily SMT production capacity of the four SMTs can reach 3 million points, which can fully meet the production and quality requirements of general customers in terms of equipment, instruments and capacity. The PCBA industry needs to have a strong overall technical strength. Process technology, quality control level and production management technology are very important and require long-term practice and accumulation. A brief summary is as follows:

    (1) 4 fully automated SMT production lines and DIP production lines, high-capacity and high-precision equipment;

    (2) Professional manufacturing team, operators have years of work experience and regular training;

    (3) It is suitable for high-end manufacturing and provides channels for the production of high-end products of small and medium-sized enterprises. At the same time, it can save 20% of the cost compared with other processors.

  2. XZH's SMT quality control.

    Compared with pcb production process and equipment configuration, SMT processing is much simpler. Simply understood, it means printing solder paste and checking the printing status of solder paste, high-speed machine pasting of small electronic components, multi-function machine pasting of large electronic components, AOI detection of patch status (commonly called "furnace front detection" in the industry, "furnace" reflow soldering furnace), over reflow soldering curing, AOI furnace rear detection, and finally visual inspection. SMT chip processing seems simple, but we dare not slack off in quality control. XZH mainly ensures the quality of SMT chip processing from the following aspects:

    SMT(Surface Mount Technology) Picture 2

    (1) Use the well-known solder paste of Qianzhu or Loctite, print it with an automatic solder paste printer and detect it with a solder paste detector to ensure that 80% of the conventional quality problems in SMT processing are effectively controlled in this link;

    (2) Use an advanced first article detector to detect the first article and issue a first article inspection report;

    (3) AOI automatic optical detector detects pasted components in front of and behind the furnace to ensure that large and small components are not missed, wrongly pasted, biased or reversed;

    (4) PCB boards with BGA shall be spot checked with X-ray after mounting or fully inspected according to customer requirements.

  3. XZH's process capability.


    Process capability

    SMT Patch Equipment


    Tin paste printing accuracy


    Element mounting precision X, Y

    ±0.03mm  Cpk≥1

    Minimum element mounting angle


    Mount the substrate size

    50×50   mm~750×550   mm

    Available for component dimensions

    03015 Chip: ~ 12,090 mm

    BGA ball spacing


    The BGA ball diameter can be mounted


    Material loss rate

    Class IC zero loss / resistance capacity class 0.3%

    Reflow-flow welding temperature control precision


    Detection device


    SPI Detectable items

    Volume, area, height, XY offset, shape

    SPI mainly detected poor types

    Leakage, tin, tin, tin, offset, bad shape

    The SPI detects the minimum detection element

    01005 (British system)

    The SPI can detect the accuracy

    XY direction <10um; Height =0.37um

    The SPI can detect the reproducibility accuracy

    Height <1um (4sigma); area / volume <<1% (4sigma)

    The AOI detects a minimum part test

    8um:01005chip  &0.3pitch  IC

    A major coverage type of AOI detection

    Offset, less tin, short circuit, more tin, missing parts, skew, standing monument, side stand, turn over, wrong Parts, damage, polarity, virtual welding, empty welding, glue overflow, tin hole, pin is not out of the appearance good people.

    X-RAY image enhancer resolution


    The X-RAY amplification was performed in the


    X-RAY detects X-ray tube focusing


Xinzhanhong is a professional Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing and assembly factory, providing one-stop PCBA customization service for customers.

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